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We are actively seeking new hotels to work with, particularly in the Eastern / South Eastern area of the UK.

These can be smaller 30-40 bed hotels with spa facilities for a luxury break or larger hotels with or without spa facilities.

Camping & Festivals

BN currently have three camping / festival events in their line-up and we are actively seeking another venue for a new 2021 festival.


We are open to all options but the ability to scale is important - we would expect 250 - 300 visitors in year one.

We are happy to add in infrastructure but if it is already in that is fine.

If the venue also had rooms or dorms that would be a benefit. We are seeking:

  • Existing campgrounds

  • Stately Homes & Halls

  • Large Gardens

  • Not visible from the roadside

  • Ability to play music

Days Out

BN take over several museums, galleries, gardens and stately homes for day visits.

In the past we have also had Naturist events in bowling alleys, cider farms, gin distilleries..... if you can think of it, we have probably done it naked!


If you fancy hosting an exclusive Naturist event then get in touch.

Waterparks & Swims

We are actively seeking new waterparks and adventure style pools to get a better national coverage.

We currently use The Sandcastle in Blackpool, Water World in Stoke on Trent, Splash Landings at Alton Towers and Splashdown in Poole.


Attendance at waterparks is generally 200 - 400 per event.

So we want to get Naked in your venue - we assume you have questions!

General Questions

Naturism is normal...

We’re ordinary people choosing not to wear clothes when the weather and circumstances are appropriate. Other than being nude, our activities are no different from what most people do in their leisure time. We’re not anti-clothes, we just know they are not always essential. It’s also a lot of fun!

Naturist etiquette and venue information

NKD etiquette requires a towel, sarong or garment to be sat on at all times - it’s the naturist way... One of the comments we get from venues is how nice and friendly the people are - we are a community - we chat, meet our friends and we also know how to party! Naturists are great for business too - we take over all our venues exclusively. You will not regret hosting a British Naturism event...

Naturism is good for you

Naturism promotes positive body image. There is no such thing as the perfect body and we’re all unique. Physical health is improved with the benefits of sunshine and fresh air, which we don’t get enough of; and mental health benefits from relaxation, de-stressing and a friendly, comfortable community spirit. Most sunbathers wear very little more than we do. Swimsuits are pointless – why get dressed to get wet? It has wider benefits too – teenage pregnancy rates appear to be lower in countries with a more relaxed attitude to nudity. Research published in 2017 confirms what we’ve all known for years - Naturism boosts self-esteem, happiness and life satisfaction.

Naturism is not illegal

There is no offence of nudity in English law but there are badly defined offences which may be used and abused for just about anything that somebody in authority dislikes. The Sexual Offences Act 2003 specifically excludes Naturism, though intending to upset or cause harm by being naked may well be a criminal offence. Fundamentally the law is a mess but the practice of Naturism is legal in a much wider range of circumstances than many people assume.

Naturism is not about sex

Naturist people have sex like anyone else but despite what people imagine, a gathering of naked people doesn’t make for a sexually charged environment. Think of a nude beach as closer to the checkout queue in a supermarket than a page three photo shoot.

Naturism is not embarrassing

Once in a Naturist place, you soon get used to being surrounded by naked people and forget that nobody is wearing clothes. It’s clothed people that stand out. What you look like is irrelevant. No-one stares at you, or judges your appearance – it’s all about feeling good for yourself. It’s liberating not to have to conform. Nudity is usually only mandatory when swimming and people will put something on if the weather turns.

Naturism is very popular

Millions of people around the world have discovered this wonderful way of life. BN’s IPSOSMORI survey discovered that there are 3.7 million Naturists in the UK. There are thousands of holiday resorts and other places to go to. Plenty of ‘non-Naturist’ people in the UK have skinny-dipped, go topless on beaches and spend time happily naked at home.

Children in Naturism are happy, well-adjusted and safe

Children don’t care if they are wearing clothes or not, it’s adults who make them get dressed. They grow up with a better understanding of what people really look like and enjoy a relaxed, outdoor life. Families can do something together that they all enjoy and children are always accompanied by a parent or guardian. Naturist places tend to have entry requirements and secure gates, making the inside a far safer environment than the outside. Many adult Naturists today grew up in Naturist families and now bring their own families up within it.


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