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The Global Naturist Forum:

14-15 November 2020


Naturism – The Future
An international conference, hosted online, by British Naturism


We’re bringing the Naturist world together for a weekend of discussion, sharing and fellowship.

There are four sessions, each one can be booked individually. All sessions are free and open to all.

All participants are required to have cameras on and be in view - clothing is optional.


We’ll be hearing from speakers and panellists from all over the world including well-known Naturists from USA, Belgium, Canada, Mexico, France, Spain, South Africa, Ireland, Slovenia, Austria, Thailand, Netherlands, Crete, Italy and the UK. 

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Open & FREE to all

Naturism - Where are we now?

13:00 GMT - 90 mins

Examining and reporting on the current status of Naturism around the world


Working together as a global community

16:00 GMT - 90 mins

Discussing best practice in communication, collaboration, sharing, learning and synergy.


Widening the appeal of Naturism

16:00 GMT - 90 mins

Reaching social and other groups - women, families, reluctant partners, young people, BAME, LGBTQ…


Supporting Naturist businesses through the pandemic

13:00 GMT - 90 mins

What are the issues facing commercial Naturism and how can the Naturist community help?


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